Saturday, July 19, 2008


I got my wheel today! I am so very excited, it has been a very good fiber week. Finished the round blanket, finished the mystery shawl which is blocking on my bedroom floor and now my wheel is here. What more can a girl ask for? :-)

I tried a bit of spinning with it this afternoon after having to put it together and I am a bit disgruntled as it was way more difficult to get a nice even yarn than I was expecting but I quickly got the hang of spinning with a drop spindle so I think I will master the wheel as well. Im gonna try to take it to SnB tomorrow morning for some spinning lessons with Jenny :-)

I have also joined a yahoo group that knits for charity. Got a lot going on and need the distraction of helping others. So far I have used up some left over bits to make a few squares. It mindless and distracting which is exactly what I was going for.

I have done a few more rows on the Anniversary Shawl and have about 10 left til I can go on to the next clue. There are 96 rows in that clue then on to the border so maybe another month or so. The rounds are over 500 stitches long so they take a bit. I loved doing the lace but the round stuff is killing me. I think Ill stick with end to end rectangles :-)

Friday, July 18, 2008

More Progress!!

I finished the Spring Mystery Shawl!!!! I am so happy. Cant wait to get home in the morning so I can block it. Hoping to bring it to SnB on Sat and to show mom. Ends woven in and everything :-)

I WANT MY WHEEL! Have I mentioned that I dont have it yet? Im getting very frustrated and not really sure what to do. Gonna email the seller and see if she has a tracking number if it doesnt arrive tomorrow. I suppose the upside to it not being here is that I have not had to forgo sleep to play with a new toy :-)

I did cast on the Wallaby for my niece and have done about 1 1/2" of the bottom ribbing. Im now going to focus on the other lace shawl and once its done its exclusively Christmas gifts til they are done. At least I promise to try :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I WANT MY WHEEL!!!!! :-) The woman I am buying it from got my money last Friday and said it would go out with UPS yesterday so Im really hoping it will be here tomorrow. That seems reasonable right?

So I am making progress in finishing things which is more than fabulous. I finished the pinwheel blanket tonight, ends woven in and everything. I ended up putting a crocheted edge on it and I took a pic but haven't loaded it to the puter yet. I really like how it came out and if in a few months I haven't needed it I may donate it to charity and start another one. It was easy although tedious at the end but I enjoyed it. :-)

I also got 3 sides completed on the edging for the Mystery Shawl. It looks good and hopefully even better once blocked. I'm about 1/4 of the way into the 4th side and hoping the next three nights at work will allow for completing it :-)

The Anniversary Shawl is coming along but I'm still on clue 3 and kinda stalled cause I really want to finish the first one.

I have been good and have not cast on anything so I'm feeling pretty good about finishing some stuff.

Work is work and always will be but its far less drama on overnights and I am loving seeing all the guys I missed while I was out. I start my three days for the week tomorrow, then off all weekend so maybe Ill make SnB on Sat.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Town Festival

So our town is having its yearly festival/July 4th spectacular this weekend and although it's alot of fun it is also a lot of work to keep all these people safe. Its unreal the number of drunk people that can be crammed onto one town green! Thank goodness for the wonderful emergency service providers I work with :-) but its gonna be a long weekend.

I am one round from finishing my pinwheel blanket and it looks great. A fun mindless little project. Now I just need someone to get pregnant so I can gift it :-)

I did a good bit on the edging of the Spring Mystery Shawl last night and I see the light in finishing the first long side this weekend. I caved and bought some yarn and pattern for a new sweater fo my self but have been good in not casting it on quite yet. I will finsh some other things first :-)

My yarn elf didnt get his movie today but only cause I was so exhausted I couldnt handle it. But I made a contract with him for one on Monday with no exceptions or excuses.

So far only one call tonight and Im hopin it stays that way. Off for some zzzz's.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Knitting, Drunks and Other Drama

Im getting a wheel!!!! I have been enable by divinebird and tezcatlipoca and I bought an older Babe wheel off the internet. I cant wait for it to get here! Pics will be posted as soon as it does. I am still cranking along on the 4 oz of handpainted I got from the quild meeting at the beginning of June (I think). My mom has apparently fallen in love with it and now I am in the process of finding something I can knit for her with it.

I have a major case of startitis. I want something new but I have made a pact with myself that there will be nothing new so I am still cruisin along on the Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl. Im a bit behind, still on clue 3 and I think clue 5 comes out this Saturday. Oh well, Ill get it done. Im done with one short edge of border on the Spring Mystery Shawl and about 1/4 up one long side. Once this long side is done I may cast on the Wallaby I want to make for my niece for Christmas. I bought pink camo yarn and am psyched to do this for her.

The round/pinwheel blanket is almost done. I am putting a crocheted lace edging on it. Tomorrow is the big sale at Creative Fibers so I can get the rest of the yarn I need for it and hopefully some other yarny good stuff.

Im finally back to work and trying my hand at overnights. I did them about 5 years ago but none consistently since then. My little yarn elf was fabulous today, letting me sleep for almost 3 hours and doing chores without being asked! Who said bribery isnt a good way to raise kids? :-) He was promised a movie (WALL-E) if he was super-good this week and let me sleep. So far he has earned it.

My very first call back on the road was for a 21 year old drunk who told family "I want to die". Unsuccessful and in the purple pod at Hartford. Both of my shifts have been completely uneventful and I hope this one continues in that direction as it is now 1 am. I am trying hard to be a real overnight person who stays up all night and sleeps all day. Obviously difficult with the yarn elf running around. Not too bad tho.

Maybe this night thing will leave me with mroe time to blog :-)

Thursday, July 3, 2008


So I guess the karma that you get for being a yarn-y enabler is having the others around you also become enablers in my fiber demise :-) I have taken the plunge and am purchasing my first spinning wheel! I started spinning a few months ago with a drop spindle and I love it but its time to upgrade already. I will not give up on my beautiful turkish spindle but Im looking forward to learning more.

My latest handspun :-) About 250 yards here from 2 ozs of handpainted I got at Spinners Guild. I still have 2 oz left and hoping to make a camisole top when Im done :-)

A close up of my yarn. Isnt it pretty? :-)

And here is my beautiful turkish spindle I got at guild. I am spinning some beautiful silvery grey bamboo that is unbelievabley soft. Im not sure if Im gonna ply this or what.

And I have stuck to my guns. I have gotten yarny good stuff in the mail but havent cast on anything new! I finished the socks and am working on the border for the Spring Mystery Shawl. Im about a third into clue 3 of the Anniversay mystery shawl and the slippers went inot hibernation for a bit. The cardigan body is done and Im about a quarter down the first sleeve. Forgot about my round baby blanket ;-) I have less than half a skein left and when its gone the blankets done :-)

On the work front, I am cleared back to full duty and will be starting overnights as of Saturdat so should have some funny stories soon!