Monday, January 12, 2009

Cool stuff

So first and foremost I finished spinning the 87 million pounds (ok really only 1 or less) of pewter grey bamboo roving I bought forever and a week ago. It is beautiful. I am working on plying it and its a bit underplied but I think it will work out ok anyway. As soon as it is done and skeined I will post a pic. :-) Very happy

Sat. was holiday gift (yankee style) swap day for SnB. Weaselmomma is incredible and her gift was a nostepinne, mohair locks and a 2 (I think) oz roving. Absolutely fabulous and i am really excited to start playing with my spinning a little.

I actually finished my sister's sweater long before Christmas along with a pullover, hooded deal for my niece which came out adorable. I started another sweater for myself. Stockinette with some short row shaping to spice it up. Nice to not be doing cables :-) Also working on 2 pairs of socks, a pair of thrummed mitts, flip-top gloves for my dental hygenist (a request) and a pair of fingerless mitts for me. Doing some stash busting for some baby blankets and feeling pretty productive.

School starts back up on Feb 2, so saving up to buy books adn ready to face Alternative Dispute Resolution, Torts and Algebra. Yay huh?

At work, my partner is fabulous with a capital F which makes coming to work phenomenal. Helps balance a lot of the other stupidity I am dealing with here. I work with some very young people with this being their first job. They therefore think it is awful as they have no frame of reference. I however spent 6 years in a much busier system with crappy management at a national level on down and think this side of the fence is heaven!

Overall this year is shapin up ok in my mind. Some nice boys in my life that make me smile and some new rules for my little man which so far are makin him easier to deal with. Finding the positive in things is making things easier and I hope I can keep doing it. Started working out at home today and back on my weight watchers with a goal of 14 pounds lost by March 1st. I can do it!! :-)

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Apparently I need to focus more on my spelling. I just re-read my last post and the spelling was horrible!! Work is work as always. Had a terrible cranky patient recently who must have told me 3 times to shut up during the call. Not sure why someone would call 911 and then be so mean once we got there. I completely understand how much it stinks to be sick and in pain but totally unfair to take it out on everyone else.

Got some new games for the Wii the lil man and I got for Christmas. I played CSI for about 3 hours today :-) So funny!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolutions

1. I am gonna blog more so I dont hurt people. Hopin if a really do rant here I will have an outlet for the idiocracy I deal with daily.

2. I am gonna be nice to people even when they are stupid.

3. And I will find the positive in all the things that happen.

Today started my day with miserable people who had ntohing better to do than spout negativity to all within earshot. Going so far as to butt in on converations that they were not a part of. Why must some bring down all those around them? I struggle everyday to be psoitive and happy despite what may be going on in my persoanl life yet others insist on bringing all their baggage to work and making it my issue too. Ok Im done :-) Hopefully tonight will bring better emotions.