Sunday, June 10, 2012

My page is going to have a little bit of a change. I think I am going to use it to try and keep track of not only my knitting and work rants but now also my externship rants and in turn an informal log for my hours. I did my first shift at the office on May 31, 2012. I was there from 840 am to 1230 pm. I spent most of the day reviewing statutes on confidentiality and meeting key people in the office. My work is a bit sensitive and there are lots of support staff available for help. I returned on June 6, 2010 from 845 to 200 pm. I was involved in a regional staff meeting, read two new state decisions in our area of concern, redacted 2 cases to satisfy freedom of information requests and was assigned some research in regards to paralegal work product. On June 7 2012, from 840 am to 1230 pm. One more case redacted and prepped for mailing. June 8, 2012 from 840 am to 1200 pm. Received two cases to review that are being appealed administratively. Its gonna be a long summer :-)