Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Night

As another night drags in this place, I'm beginning to question how much I truly enjoy working nights. The company is usually good as I love the cops that work evenings and midnights and I deal with them exclusively. The overnight EMS crews work fast, clear quickly and don't take any bulls**t. However, tonight the supervisor is driving me a little nuts. I sincerely appreciate getting some help on a scene but I hate being micromanaged and I even more hate being told what to do by a medic with less experience not only in EMS in general but in my company as well. How does that saying go.....? God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change? I would love a little serenity tonight.

On the knitting front, I finished the test knit baby cardigan I was working on and I am very happy with it. The pattern was easy to follow and relatively well written. I will post pics as soon as the pattern is published and I am allowed. Its kinda neat being the first person to knit something. I have hibernated the Anniversary Shawl and am kicking a** on the Wallaby for the munchkin. I finished the body as far as the underarms and started the first sleeve. I have about 2more inches to knit on that and its done. Then the second sleeve, attach them and finish up the yoke and hood. Its coming along very quickly.

Today was my Lil Man's first day of school and I might as well not have even existed. I walked him into the second grade hallway, he put his things in his locker area, walked in to the classroom and never even turned to say goodbye. How do you like them apples!?!? Guess my baby is growing up. Hope he still needs his mommy for some things. :-)

I have done some spinning but not an insane amount, been really busy getting ready for a wedding and a trip to Rhinebeck over the next few months. Both of which should prove to be entertaining. I am the seamstress for the wedding and currently have 4 bridesmaids dresses and one flower girl dress in my living room. 3 of them are done and of the last 2 one doesn't require a lot of work but the very last one is gonna take quite a bit of creativity, which is why it is last :-)

All in all things are going OK, still single. Some days I love it others I hate it but every day I deal with it. I have learned that I will be OK and I am in charge of my own destiny. I will make my life what I want it to be regardless of the people around me. That makes me happy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So I am a slacker that hasn't blogged in almost a month. Oops!

I am still chugging away at the Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl. I am on row 12 of 96 of the final clue. Then edging.

Here is the Wallaby for my niece. Coming along well and should be done for Christmas.

I am also still chugging away on the sweater for my sister and a few other miscellaneous Christmas gifts. I signed up to start Mystery Stole 4 and will probably hibernate the Anniversary Shawl during that time.

On the work front, I currently have no regular partner which usually means a decent person who I like works with me. Tonight is an exception. Not a bad woman just a strain on me. She tries my patience and my love for my job. I have found in this career that the person you work with tends to rub off on you, in both positive and negative ways. I almost always mirror the attitude of my partner. Now I'm not sure whether that is a character flaw on my part or simply the nature of being human but the problems arise for me when I pick up negative habits. My partner tonight has a tendency to be irritable and snippy with patients, family and staff. I struggle most days to keep a smile on my face as I deal with people in the most difficult and at times scariest situations they have been in. It is my job to stay calm, collected and make order out of the chaos I have been sent to. This particular co-worker makes that difficult as she frequently professes how much she hates people and yet, here she is working with people. Her career choice boggles my mind. So far we have had only one patient so as long as the night continues in this fashion I should make it til tomorrow morning with no major mishaps! Hope I didn't jinx myself :-)

The shoulder is doing better, sore tonight for some reason. Maybe its a psychosomatic fear of PT in the am that is doing it. I keep reaching wrong too which isn't helping. I missed an appt with the surgeon last week that I am going to chalk up to a major brain fart during the mourning of my uncle. Hopefully they wont give me too much of a hassle and also in my defense they never called me to confirm the appt. Oh well, blame all around I suppose.

Time for a rest, maybe another round on the Anniversary Shawl. A funny time to try to sleep. I bet if I do a call comes in!