Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer 2012

So the summer is about half over and it feels rather unproductive. I have been out of work for the last 2 week due to the exacerbation of a shoulder injury. Not a good time but back on Monday.

Been trying to keep up with my externship and I am learning a lot from the wonderful people I am working with. Would be a dream to get a job offer out of this experience.

Knitting some, sewing some, even did a little spinning. Still plugging along on a few projects that feel never ending. The Beer Tsock, laptop cover, circular vest and several shawls are all getting work done and progress is being made, although slowly. Managed to make one skirt, one pair of pants and 2 tops so far and have plans for a few more tops and other items for business type attire. I finished spinning some alpaca I got from one of the fiber festivals. Resulted in about 250 yds of 3 ply worsted weight yarn that is pretty soft and pretty even. My guy is asking for mitts or a hat out of it so I will most likely oblige.

Here's a sketch of my beer tsock :-)

Little man is having a pretty good summer. He has done 4 weeks of swimming lessons and has come really far. Will be ready to head off to Boy Scout camp in August. He has orientation for school next week and I can't wait to see what amazing things he will be doing.

Work remains the same. Currently doing some research into the meds we push and noticing that pain management has risen to the top of the list. We pushed it more than once a day over the last year. Curious to see where the rest of the research takes me.

Overall, don't think I have a whole lot I can complain about these days huh?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The never ending saga....

Just when you think the powers that be are going to throw you a bone.....they don't. I guess I should have seen that one coming. Things were going too well for a while there had to be a monkey wrench coming. First work schedules go all awry then I get hurt again at work. So not cool. Fingers crossed this doesn't result in another surgery cause that would seriously impact all aspects of my life right now.

On a brighter note, I had a great time shop hopping with my favorite yarny. Picked up some cool finds for some work related tops and such. Currently working on a very circular vest.

Using different yarn but hope it comes out well.

Awaiting news of the write-on for law review at school and playing with the folks at my externship and overall enjoying my summer other than the newest work developments. Just keep telling myself all will come together eventually......