Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I know I know

I am horrible and awful and should post more often. You're right I should. SO since my last post, work remains work, where I spend way too much time and I miss out on SnB way too often :-(

I did get to go to Rhinebeck with kaydgirl, animalcopct and tezcatlipoca98!! Yeah for us!

That Big Obnoxious Hat helped us find her the whole weekend!! :-)

For three of us this was our first trip to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival and it was soooo much fun. We left kinda early on Saturday morning and made the 2 hour trek west to Rhinebeck, NY where the fairgrounds are located. There were so many people!! On our way into town we spotted this truck:

I mean really!! Who names a town Coxsackie, then gives a bunch of girls alcohol so we can laugh about it for hours on end even though it was only funny to us? Who does that? :-)

At lunch time we went to the Ravelry meetup and found the rest of our SnB from home which was awesome. Time to compare purchases already made and for the 4 of us to rub it in some more that we had one more day and every one else was going home :-)

After 4 or 5 hours of yarny, fibery, soft good stuff, we decided to make a quick trip to the hotel before the Ravelry Party. We couldn't wait to meet all the wonderful people we know from the site. when we got there we waited in line for the Rav gift bag we were dying for. In it we found a ball of yarn from Webs, a small bag from Della-Q and lots of coupons for all kinds of stuff. Totally worth the wait and then there were Bob cupcakes!!!

And Rav cupcakes and yumminess to keep us occupied while we waited in the longass line for ALCOHOL!!

Once we got drinks we found a place to sit where we made new yarn friends who were also from Ct!! DariaSen and KiwiSeymour were tons of fun and had a good laugh at us as MamaLadyMedic pulled out from her Mary Poppins bag o goodies: sandwich makings, cheez-its, pretzels, cups, plates, napkins, a corkscrew....and WINE!! :-) Such a good planner :-) As we sat down to eat and drink we smelled something burning... nah it had to be the huge bbq pit that had been lit.... Oh No!! It was the Famed Rav bag, set on fire by the lovely candles on the table by Kylie from Schaefer Yarns.

Now we got to meet the other end of the table and found that we were sitting with the Schaefer sponsors and made more yarny friends. (plus got to see what one of the designers is working on before its really a pattern!! So Cool)

After freezing to death for 2 hours it was time to return to the hotel where we continued the drinking fest and listened to Tezcatlipoca98 make excuses for her silly giggling and comments by constantly saying "But Ive been drinking!!" Soon to become the quote of the weekend! Right up there with Coxsackie and the invisible deer AnimalCopCt swears she saw. Maybe she did, she was the only sober one in the car :-) We finally crashed at about midnight and got up at about 8 to head back for more.

The first thing we run into as we come into the fairgrounds is sheep on leash. So funny to see these girls walking their sheep so we had to get pics.

No Kaydgirl you cant take it wont fit in the car!! But thank you for wearing the Big Bright Obnoxious Hat again :-)

We had made plans for lunch with our new yarn friends and knew we had to hit the Rav meetup to find them. We found not only them but Casey, Jess and Mary Heather too!! They are like celebrities to us, we felt like such idiots but it was fun anyway. And Jess had the most amazing boots on!!

Mary Heather was runnin a bit behind so we got a pic with just her after the pic with Casey and Jess :-)

While at the Rav meetup the fabulous Creative let us know that there was NO LINE for the Yarn Harlot!!! Yet another celebrity and something I had reluctantly let go of as a fleeting dream. We figured the lines would be huge and we would never get up there. Creative was right no line, and I got to have my new book signed and the Harlot held my socks!!
Then she was kind enough to take a pic with all of us!! Yay us :-)

After the Harlot there was a tailgating lunch in the parking lot with our yarn friends and then more fabulous roving to buy. This came in huge balls of colorful awesomeness bigger than Kaydgirl and Tezcatlipoca's heads!! Isn't it yummy :-)

On the way out of town we couldn't resist a pic of the best name ever for an ice cream shop!! :-)

A wonderful weekend with friends that I hope to repeat next year. Next year we are goin on Friday tho and finding out where all the other yarny people are staying so we can party more!! :-)