Monday, July 26, 2010

Law School Begins......

So it starts......

Got my Orientation Packet from school. Has my first reading assignment and my first legal research and writing assignment. Is it sick that I am really excited? Orientation starts August 18th and classes start the 23rd.

I started the reading and we are researching a fictional case of discrimination against a disabled young man and his parents who are trying to purchase a home in a 55 and over community. Its interesting reading and I am looking forward to my classmates interpretations.

On the knitting front, I am about 15 rows from finishing a stole I started in Aug of 2008. Time to get it of the needles. Started a baby sweater for my guy's sister and have about 12 rows left on that. Also have a pair of socks I am working on but my brain is so overwhelmed with work stuff that I can focus on TsockTsarina Tsocks right now.

On the work front I am waiting for the outcome from a Loudermill hearing last week. Yes my boss is trying to fire me. I am still at a loss how this could even be happening. I have no history of discipline and no previous medical control problems. But now I am under a microscope and there is a good chance I will be fired. My lawyer seems positive we would win at arbitration but I am skeptical. I am determined to post a bit more often to journal my law school experience so I will update again soon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Union, Graduation and Knitting

Someone pissed in everyone's Cheerios today and it is not fun!! Tried to help out a union member because I am on the executive board and it is my job only to find out I had been basically lied to, something I do not handle well! And whats worse is he doesnt see it.......

On a better note, I graduate from undergrad this coming Saturday! I finally will have my Bachelor's degree. Law school officially starts on Aug 23rd and I can't wait. Need to get my hands on the Nook my mommy promised me for my birthday/graduation so I can start some reading :-) Mom and my best ACO are traveling with me to MD for this event and I couldnt be happier about it. The girl's night on Friday will be awesome!!

I love my knitting. It is the only thing that is keeping me sane the last week or so. I am currently working on a cardigan in a beautiful purple Angora/cotton blend yarn that is working up awesome. Also have 2 Tsock Tasrina kits on the needles and a drop stitch scarf. Trying to clear some stuff off the needles but need to cast on a new project for graduation so I dont go nuts the 2 hour wait for our procession. Thinking a baby sweater.