Sunday, February 15, 2015

8 Days and Counting Down...

The stress right now is unbelievable! I'm anxious for it to just get here, I'm petrified and want 3 more months to study, I'm excited to have time to craft again.  I am already browsing Ravelry to see what I had plans to work on.  Eyeing my wheel and the 3 bags of alpaca fiber I cant wait to spin. Spying the counted cross stitch for my favorite 8 year old that is soooooo close to being done.  My Etsy shop is so neglected and that jumper I cut out in October is not sewing itself.

I think the excited is winning out over the scared, petrified and anxiety.  I can still use whatever words of encouragement you may have for me.  Almost time to get it done!!!

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